> Roller Chain and accessories          
> High quality at competitive prices
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> Leaf chain and accessories                
> Highest quality
> Test certificates available 
> Respected by leading hoist manufacturers
> Made in Germany
> Roller Chain and accessories 
> Superior European Product
> Low lube/Corrosion resistant options


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Roller Chain Range

chain-page4BS Series
> Simplex (8 to 76.20mm pitch)
> Duplex (9.525 to 76.20mm pitch)
> Triplex (9.525 to 76.20mm pitch) ASA Series
> Simplex (12.70 to 63.50mm pitch)
> Duplex (12.70 to 63.50mm pitch)
> Triplex (12.70 to 63.50mm pitch) Other Types > Stainless Steel chains
> Extended pitch chains
> Hollow pin chains

Leaf Chain Range

chain-page-5BL Series
> All lacing configurations
> 12.70 to 50.8mm pitch AL Series
> All lacing configurations
> 12.70 to 50.8mm pitch
F Series
> All lacing configurations
>12.7 to 50.8mm pitch Accessories
> Connecting pins
> Connecting links

Conveyor Chain Range

chain-page-6Conveyor chain to ISO and BS standards
> Forest industry applications

> Steel industry applications
> Paper industry applications
> Agricultural applications
> Special chains for special applications


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