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Physical Address : Optibelt New Zealand  343 Church St, Penrose, Auckland, NZ.
Postal Address : Optibelt , P.O. Box 12-320, Penrose, Auckland, NZ.
Phone : +649 6345511
Fax : +649 6345518
After Hours : +649 6345511

Auckland Office


Awaiting Pic
Paul Luff – General Manager
Email – forex trading free bonus
Email – forex trading free bonus
Contact mob: ?????


Nigel Hextall – West Auckland Sales Representative
Email – how can i make money fast illegally woman
Contact mob: 021 963 452
Chris Webber – Customer Service/Purchasing
Email – forex trading free bonus 


David Turner – South Auckland Sales Representative
Email – forex trading free bonus
Contact mob: 021 963 453
Dave Ross – Customer Service
Email – forex trading free bonus



Rushi Patel – Electronics Engineer
Email – forex trading free bonus
Grant Elwin – Warehouse Manager
Email – forex trading free bonus



Jenny Burton – Accounts
Email – forex trading free bonus
– Customer Service
Email – forex trading free bonus



Bay of Plenty area sales

TBA – Regional Manager
Bay Of Plenty Area
Email – forex trading free bonus
Contact mob: TBA
TBA – Sales Representative
Bay Of Plenty Area
Email – forex trading free bonus
Contact mob: TBA




TBA- Sales Representative
Bay Of Plenty Area
Email – forex trading free bonus
Contact mob: TBA










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