coupling-pageTranz-Lock semi-elastic shaft couplings have readily available solutions for user requirements of misalignment, torsional and vibrational dampening, noise reduction, reaction force reduction and more.

The couplings are made of high grade cast iron, and utilize an elastomer insert. The simple three piece design permits quick and easy assembly by means of either industry standard taper fit bushes or custom bores.

A range of sizes are available. See the table below for details or RPM and torque ratings.

Size Nom. Torque Max. Torque Max. Speed
7 33Nm 73Nm 7700rpm
9 84Nm 185Nm 6300rpm
11 168Nm 370Nm 5000rpm
13 331Nm 728Nm 4100rpm
15 630Nm 1490Nm 3600rpm
18 998Nm 2300Nm 3000rpm
23 2100Nm 4800Nm 2600rpm
28 3308Nm 7000Nm 2200rpm
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Other coupling types available on request.