Intorq Products

intorq-page-1Based in Germany, INTORQ is a young company that has been spun off from Lenze Bremsen GmbH to take over the production of brakes and clutches.

> Manufacturing and development in Aerzen, Germany
> Production of electromagnetic brakes and clutches
> 500,000 units annually
> Turnover 30 m. Euro
> Market leader in Europe

Although Lenze no longer manufacture Brakes or Clutches, you can still obtain identical products with the same designations and order numbers from INTORQ.

intorq-page-2The Product Programme

Introduction into the world of INTORQ’s brakes and clutches.

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Intorq Spring Applied BFK458 BrakeBFK-458 Spring Applied Brake

These electromagnetically released spring applied brakes can be used wherever rapid deceleration or controlled holding of moving masses is required. The INTORQ BFK458 product range replaces the 14.448/14.449 and 14.450 spring-applied brake types.

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Intorq Electromagnetic Clutch-Brake combonationElectromagnetic clutch-brake combinations

Electromagnetic clutch-brake combinations have been enjoying market success for a number of years. As the drive runs continuously with the clutch rotor, the energy from the upstream drive can be used to accelerate the output.

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Intorq Electromagnetic Clutches and BrakesElectromagnetic Clutches and Brakes.
INTORQ 14.105 and 14.115

A catalogue to help you select the electromagnetic brake and/or electromagnetic clutch to meet your needs.

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