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RP3BeltImage – up to 50% higher power ratings
– maintenance free
– up to 97% efficiency
– antistatic according to ISO 1813, compatible with ATEX
– suitable for back bend idlers
– S=C Set Constant
– extended service life and machine runnings times

The preceding generation of the RED POWER V-belt has already been the non-plus-ultra of technology. However now, we have considerably optimised the new generation of high performance wedge belts and kraftbands.
The results are astonishing:- Up to 50% more power compared to standard V-belts and cost reductions of up to 35% at the same time.

NEW RED POWER 3, available progressively during 2012 Omega HP

Omega HP
Omega HP graph Among experts, Optibelt timing belts enjoy an excellent reputation. They are considered to be particularly powerful and extremely durable. The product range “Optibelt OMEGA” stands for extraordinary high quality standard. It is now supplemented by a high performance timing belt: Faster, Stronger, more compact – that is how the new Optibelt OMEGA HP presents itself, a timing belt for the highest demands. Advantages include:

· Highest precision, exact synchronicity
· Increased power transmission results in drive size reductions, saving costs
· Up to 18 times the life compared with standard imperial timing belts
· Up to 3.5 times the power transmission capability compared to the imperial standard version

The new Optibelt OMEGA HP, high performance timing belts for extremely loaded, high speed machine drives.

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