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pulleys-page-2Optibelt V-belt pulleys

SPZ, 50-630mm PCD, 1-8 groove
SPA, 63-630mm PCD, 1-5 groove
SPB, 100-710mm PCD, 1-10 groove
SPC, 200-630mm PCD, 2-8 groove

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Optibelt Timing belt pulleys (Pilot bore optional in most sizes)

pulleys-page-35M, 12-72 tooth, 9-25mm wide
8M, 22-192 tooth, 20-85mm wide
14M, 28-216 tooth, 40-170mm wide
XL, 10-72 tooth, 3/8″ wide
L, 10-84 tooth, 1/2″ – 1″ wide
H, 14-120 tooth, 3/4″ – 3″ wide
T5, 10-60 tooth, 10-25mm wide
T10, 12-60 tooth, 16-50mm wide

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Bi-Fit Range

Inexpensive pulley option for light duty applications

pulleys-page-4Keyway free clamping system
Compatible with “A” and “B” profile belts
APCD – 71-450mm
Full range of bushes/retainers ex stock


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